Tips to Consider when Buying a Shoe Cabinet

It can be quite tasking to keep shoes organized, especially if you do not have much space in your home. However, a suitable shoe cabinet is life-changing and can bring a lot of order to space. Here are a few helpful tips when choosing a shoe cabinet for your needs:


It is the most important thing to consider as size determines how much space the cabinet takes up in your home and how many pairs of shoes it accommodates. Before you purchase a shoe cabinet or get a carpenter to make one for you, measure the space you have and take this with you when cabinet shopping. The amount of space versus the number of shoes you anticipate storing can also help develop a suitable design that will accommodate all pairs comfortably.


There are many shoe cabinet designs that you can choose from. The design mainly depends on individual preference, but the amount of space available also plays a role in determining the design style. Open shoe cabinets are more practical for grab-and-go, but closed shoe cabinets look neater and organized. A shoe cabinet with drop-down inclined shelves helps where space is minimal. Different cabinets have different shelf heights, which influences the design of the cabinet. When you consider all these, you can then choose a functional design for you and fits your desired aesthetic.


Wood is the most popular material when it comes to shoe cabinets. This is probably because of the durability, great aesthetics, and it is readily available. However, you can have a shoe cabinet made of other materials. You can get a bespoke shoe cabinet ( from Tylko, irrespective of your preferred choice. Plastic is affordable, but it tends to look cheap; so many people do not prefer plastic. Rattan is another excellent sustainable material, looks great, and is durable. You can also have a metal shoe cabinet for a more industrial look, and the best part is that it lasts for years.


Colour is one factor that you cannot overlook as a shoe cabinet is a prominent piece of furniture in space. Choose a color that corresponds to the room’s theme or complements existing pieces. Neutrals are a safe choice and go well with most aesthetics. If you prefer a bold statement piece, you can play around with color and texture to achieve this.

Types of Shoes

It might seem like a minor factor, but the type of shoes can also influence the kind of shoe cabinet to go for. Heels, for instance, can get relatively high, and a suitable shoe cabinet with an ample height allowance to accommodate this shoe type is ideal. For sportspeople or people who wear closed shoes often, it is best to choose one with louvers on the doors or cubby holes that allow unrestricted airflow to prevent mold and stuffiness.